Threshold Group Website

Company: Threshold Group

Project: Website Redesign

Goal:  To eliminate the clutter of the existing site, increase our web-based traffic, and to direct prospects the site for additional information. Phase two of the project was to use the site as a lead generation and tracking tool when combined with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The company had also recently undergone a change in branding, and the old site needed to be brought up to match the same visual experience and quality.

Outcome: Page views began to increase sharply almost immediately after launch, and steadily rose during the remainder of my time at Threshold. Within the first year we had seen a 900% increase in traffic, and our analytics showed a major increase in the number of people clicking through past the homepage. The new site also drastically cut down on unnecessary pages and was a huge visual improvement, presenting a much more professional image to the world.

Description:Redesigning the Threshold Group website was a huge undertaking for the company, and one that necessitated bringing in some outside help. Prior to my onboarding, Threshold had engaged the services of GLG, a Seattle-based design agency that had handled Threshold’s previous company rebranding. As a result, my role in the project was initially less design intensive, and focused more on consulting and acting as a liaison between the two companies. I attended extensive brainstorming sessions with Threshold’s Director of Marketing, President, and GLG to create the sitemap, UI/UX mockups, and decide on overall design direction. It was a major collaborative effort that also involved all of the managing directors in the content generation.

By the end of the process we had managed to cut down on a huge number of unnecessary pages, and made the whole site a much more intuitive experience. A CMS was decided upon, and development progressed to the coding and production stage. I continued to provide mockups and content for GLG to ensure our internal needs were being met.

Shortly after work began, our Director of Marketing left Threshold abruptly for another opportunity, and my duties expanded to include many of her responsibilities, including project management of the site redesign. I relayed information directly to the President of Threshold, and was in charge of many process related decisions.

Once the website template pages had been coded, it was in my hands to populate them with information, including previous blogs articles from years past, now rebranded with updated graphics, charts, and illustrations. Information in these blogs had also been tweaked to fine-tune our search engine optimization.