Branded Content Suite

Company: Threshold Group

Project: Branded Content Suite

Goal:  To create a comprehensive one-stop-shop branded suite of marketing and educational pieces for Threshold Group associates to present to prospects and current clients.

Outcome: I created an always-accessible folder containing several dozen key marketing pieces that I had designed. I designed them to age well, and in a way that did not necessitate constant updates to keep them relevant. In addition, I also created dozens of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint templates that could be utilized easily by associates, without requiring specialty design software.

Description: I had the good fortune to join Threshold Group at the beginning of their rebranding efforts, which gave me a lot of influence in how the company developed their visual identity. Threshold already had a new logo and style guide prepared by GLG, a Seattle-based design agency, but all of their collateral and their website were still using the old brand.

I integrated the new styles into all of the existing materials, and further developed a library of illustrated icons and other graphic styles that could be used across the various forms of content.

One of the first deliverables I produced was a suite of document templates. I prefer to work in InDesign when possible, but these printed materials needed to be accessible by associates without design software. Instead, the entire suite contents were developed using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Specialty projects like business cards, posters, folders, and brochures were all still developed in the Adobe software.

In addition to printed collateral, there were numerous digital pieces that needed rebranding. Digital reports and client-facing account pages needed re-works, and third-party organizations needed to be both informed of the branding switch, and provided with new marketing materials and logos. I also worked closely with the Threshold IT department to produce a branded signature for all associates.