Impact Investing Survey

Company: Threshold Group

Project: Impact Investing Survey

Goal: To create a visually compelling survey which would gather client information and investing preferences quickly and securely. The resulting data needed to give the account managers analytics to adjust and propose new services.

Outcome: Client support associates no longer needed to be present for the survey or input results by hand. This dramatically reduced the time necessary to take the survey and substantially eliminated reporting errors. The updated branding and visual style received many compliments, and reduced survey fatigue by making it a much more enjoyable process. The data we collected also helped advisors better gauge interest levels in impact investing services.

Description: Threshold Group’s Impact Investing Survey was initially a bulky printed document that an associate would present to a client in person. Walking them through it step by step was a long and laborious ordeal. It was also a visually bland piece, and it was rare that any of the collected information would be stored in a digital format.

I redesigned the survey to an online format using a tool called Typeform. Due to the original length of the document, I wanted to make the final experience as quick and visually interesting as possible. To cut down on the time, I designed the survey to be responsive to the client’s answers, and incorporated logic jumps that eliminated many superfluous questions.

One of the chief benefits of Typeform was a wide variety of image and question types, which gave me freedom to incorporate several dozen custom-made icons and graphics. The most enjoyable aspect of the project was brainstorming and researching how to best create visuals for concepts that did not otherwise have an obvious visual element.

The only thing I found lacking with Typeform was the ability to export the collected data in a visually appealing way, and we wanted to create professional reports to give to our clients and prospects. To make up for that weakness, I created an excel dashboard to display their answers in an easy-to-understand format with supporting visuals. These reports were easily created for the account managers by importing a single row of data from Typeform and could be sent to clients in a pdf format.