DOCS Digest Magazine

Company: Strategic Dentistry – DOCS Education

Project: The DOCS Digest Quarterly Magazine

Goal:  To produce quarterly magazines for DOCS Education members that provided useful articles, educational case studies, highlighted upcoming seminars, and advertised the company’s sponsors.

Outcome: We were able to track inbound calls through CallRail and noted a marked increase in our sales and phone activity on days surrounding DOCS Digest releases.

Description: The DOCS Digest was a large newsletter and required a lot of advanced planning and preparation in the months leading up to its release. I managed an-staff copywriter, and we took several weeks to brainstorm new themes and content for each issue. Once we had decided on a direction, our copywriter reached out to contacts for interviews and case studies. During this time, I began work on the layout template for the issue and collected advertisements from DOCS sponsors. I also worked with our event planner to ensure that we highlighted specific courses in upcoming events, with preference towards ones that needed to fill more seats.

Once the content was finalized, I imported copy, images, and fine-tuned the design by adding supporting graphics and deciding on cover art. The entire piece received a final review, and I scheduled print and mailing through a local agency.

During the design and printing process, I coordinated email marketing to land alongside the physical newsletter, and monitored CallRail and email statistics to gauge the impact of the piece.