ReEnergized Branding

Company: Puget Sound Energy

Project: ReEnergized Branding

Goal: Increase customer engagement through awareness of energy-efficient practices and rebates available to customers of Puget Sound Energy.

Outcome: The ReEnergized by Design series was viewed more than 69,000 times, earned almost 5 million media impressions, and through partnerships with design bloggers and media personalities, reached a social media audience of over 54,000.

Description: This campaign involved working with and creating a large number of materials for PSE's Energy Efficiency department under the 'ReEnergize' branding. The use of icons, bright colors, and photos of real customers were all signatures of the brand. The initial roll-out was so well-received that the campaign was used as a basis for a complete redesign of all PSE customer-facing materials. I developed the UI mock up designs for the the current PSE site design and intranet. The alterations to the interface were suggested after studying customer traffic analytics and reviewed by an internal web committee I had joined.

In addition to printed material, the department also developed an online reality show-style home improvement competition called 'ReEnergized by Design'. The series showcased contestants efforts to remodel specific rooms of their household in a contest environment for 'energy-efficient' prizes. The episodes served to also introduce PSE customers to deals on the energy-efficient products they saw in each episode.

I was in charge of advertising design and web development for campaign, and I continued working with a contracted agency 'Colehour and Cohen' after the conclusion of my contract at PSE. The campaign was ultimately awarded the 2014 Silver Anvil Award for Marketing Consumer Services by the Public Relations Society of America.

Due to the high volume of outward-facing marketing materials, there was heavy emphasis on teamwork and communication at PSE. I acted as a key contact for external marketing, design, and print agencies. The pace at PSE was not as lightning fast as some of my previous agency positions, but to compensate, the projects tended to be much larger in scope and impact, with a customer reach in the millions, as opposed to tens of thousands.