Company: iAuthorscape

Project: Website Redesign

Goal:  To develop the iAuthorscape’s website with a focus on evergreen and lasting content. The chief requirement was that the website would require minimal to no continued maintenance.

Outcome: My contact was quite pleased with the design, and happy to have a website her company could rely on.

Description: A specialty of iAuthorscape, a Boston-based publishing and design firm, is the convergence of print into digital media. Tablets and mobile devices transform the reading experience into a full multimedia presentation, using video and motion graphics in their apps to convey information with greater impact. This aspect of iAuthorscape's work is an exciting approach to story-telling, and considering my education in Multimedia, the subject matter was right up my alley. My chief contact was the fantastic publishing industry veteran, Laurie Dolphin.

My work for iAuthorscape consisted primarily of web development and light design work. Laurie had a solid idea of the content and design style she desired, and we had several more brainstorming sessions to discuss interface and site structure. After a discussion with my contact, we decided to forego a content management platform. This was a break in my regular development tradition, but we operated under the rationale that simpler was better and that fewer bells and whistles meant fewer opportunities to break. Laurie wanted a self-sufficient site, and did not want the site to require third party plugins that necessitated regular updates. As a result, I designed the site to use only a combination of HTML, CSS, and very light PHP. This project was also done remotely, with meetings coordinated across time zones and over Skype.