Early Music Guild

Company: Seattle Early Music Guild

Project: Printed Collateral and Advertising

Goal:  To design an easy-to-update printed program that publicized upcoming concert series, ensured high attendance, and encouraged donations and concert subscriptions.

Outcome: Attendance, concert subscriptions, and donations all saw a marked increase in 2013/2014. While that success was almost entirely the result of the Herculean efforts of their Marketing Director at the time, Hayley Woldseth, I would love to think that the enhanced visual polish of their printed pieces certainly didn’t hurt. Process improvements also resulted in a much quicker turnaround time for future programs.

Description: My work for the Early Music Guild began, when I redesigned their 2013–2014 concert series program. I designed the new templated program using InDesign, and incorporated character and paragraph styles. This allowed myself and other designers the ability to easily update the piece with new information, without having to redo formatting from scratch. The initial time investment was slightly longer than a regular development cycle, but future programs were easy to update, and saved a substantial amount of effort.

I continued to produce more collateral for them over the years, including postcards and additional programs.

The Early Music Guild is Seattle’s largest presenter of early music and related educational programs. Its mainstage events include the International Series, Seattle Baroque Orchestra at Town Hall, and occasional performances at St. James Cathedral and other venues. Their concerts include a great variety of musical groups, and every concert I have attended has been superb.